Okay the point of this games is to take pictures of your crappiest guitar, and giive them the best "myspace angle." Then after a month, a new thread will come up with the best rated guitars, and a winner will be chosen.
Make The guitars look as best as you can, you can use lighting, show amps pedels, amps ect.. with it but you must have the "angles"
No photoshop or picture enhansing programs.

Happy Posting

Oh, and if you win, Ill try to compromise with Zapp or who ever and ask them to put it in the archives (sp?)
Awesome idea dude, I love it.

I might consider entering
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i don't consider any of my guitars remotely crappy

but still it's a good idea
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That's actually a good idea. But I doubt anyone will do it.

Everyone's too lazy.
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That's actually a good idea. But I doubt anyone will do it.

Everyone's too lazy.

No, im doing it lol.

EDIT: no photoshop? im out.
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I have an okay pic of it on some nice looking carpet. It's on my comp in Melbourne though.

I would probably do it if I knew what the "MySpace angle" was... I know what it is for people, but I don't know about instruments.

I would never use the angle anyway, I just want to make sure I avoid it.
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