Ok guys maybe you can help me out. I've had this Samick Interceptor II IC-40 for awhile and it has a Floyd rose on it. Well the other day the even strings went sharp and the odd strings went flat, but my guitar teacher and I tuned them right back up (I was at my lesson at the time in the middle of a lesson and I wasn't doing anything to cause it to go out of whack) well anyway it tuned right back up and was fine. Today I took the guitar out of it's case and I saw that the 4th string had gone out so bad that it was loose, like when you first get a string on. So I checked hte other strings and again half sharp and half flat except for this one string being completely loose but still in the bridge and all of that. So i tuned everything up slowly and it popped off on me. Now do you think there is something wrong with the bridge or that it was a fluke?

I had a few problems with this guitar in the past with popping stirngs left and right, but I took it and got it fixed. Since then it had been working great and holding it's tune really well. So what do I need to do? Just put some new strings on it and see what happens or take it in again?
well id try putting new strings on it first i dont know why, but it would seem cheaper to try it then just take it in and spend money and somehow it just turned out to be a bad set of strings, even though i find that unlikely of this situation. but even so, i see no harm in trying it
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Well I'll probably take it in, because I too think that it has to be more. Luckily my guitar teacher is quite the tech, and if he can't do it the other guy usually can. Plus they usually do this stuff for me for free so that is even better!
If you can get it all done for free, why bother asking?
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Well I don't want to call him unless I have to. He's already done some work on this guitar, so if I don't have to let him keep it for awhile I didn't want to.