Ok, so my friend is wondering what guitar he should get since his old one a crappy strat copy broke. And is limited on a budget around $140-160. Also he likes to play Rock/Metal/Screamo type of music.
Oh and he's annoying the crapl outta me right now

heres the guitar choices-

Washburn Idol 14

Ilbanez GRX40

Washburn X10

Peavey Raptor PLus

Only Metal Will do
none of the above.
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yeah, dude....I know he's gonna end up getting a shitty guitar...but you're a lot better off if you save 300 or 400 bucks and buy something like an epiphone standard les paul.
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tell him to get something nice and used that works at a pawn shop. al of those are not that great

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my friend is 12 and its really hard to get money.
He just wants something reliable and to have fun with.
Only Metal Will do
tell him to save money, or go to a place like music go round or your local pawn shop or used music shop
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Go to www.guitarcenter.com. You can look at all the guitars within the $100-200 price range.

Don't get a package deal because those are shit. You'll just get a bad amp with a bad guitar. I don't have any experience playing bad guitars, but for the most part Epiphones, Squiers, and Ibanez's are good and should be reliable. He doesn't sound too serious so getting a guitar for a little less than two hundred bucks would be good. If he was serious, tell him to spend the extra hundred or so and get a $250, $300 guitar. I don't have a job, but I was able to get a pretty decent guitar.
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squier 51...best guitar for the money in my opinion i've heard nothing but good stuff from people who bought one.
Thanks PencilPusher!

but is there that you recoomend
Only Metal Will do
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If I would've known of this earlier, I could've tried some of those cheap guitars out for ya since I just went to guitarcenter today! Anyways, go to the nearest guitarcenter(I'm sure there's one near you) and try out the guitars there(or tell your friend to do this). They'll let you play all the guitars there, and the people there usually know what they're talking about.
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