Was looking at one of these second hand , but can't seem to find much info on the net about them. Can people give opinions ? I heard they are built in japan?

How do they compare to the SL3, which is the next cheaper I think

How badly do they compare to an ESP MII (Which im also considering). is the ESP worth double the price.

cheers in advance
if its a soloist its neck through, so it cant be bad, plus its a jackson and every jackson that i have tried has been top notch.
it would smash the esp into a million peices
ps. looks killer!
What MII are you looking at?...the bolt on or the neck thru?

i played the bolt on MII yesterday for about an hour, and it was a hella sweet guitar, had a great feel and even bein ga bolt on without the AANJ like Ibanez' it had great upper fret access for my small hands. Pickups were awesome sounding, pinches were real easy. Its got an OFR on it too, personally id go for the ESP rather than the Jackson unless your getting an SL1

well actually, i would get the LTD MH-1000 because it also has an OFR, but its got a set neck and doesnt have the reversed headstock, and costs a few hundred less
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The MII is a proper ESP , not LTD... it's also alot more expensive and I was wondering whether a pickup change on the SL-4 would get it close to the MII.

Does anybody own, or have played these guitars ?
ive never heard of an SL4 soloist, more information on it? considering the best soloist you can get is a SL1 and an SL3 is a lower level guitar then im assuming the SL4 would be lower again and youd probably be better off with the MII but that said i dont know anything about this SL4 you speak of

EDIT: I would take a SL3 or SL1 over the ESP any day though
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All I know is that its a 2001 model, I cant find ANY info on the web about these guitars.

Even the jackson website doesnt acknowledge them under the soloist section
I know the MII is a proper ESP. I spent an hour playing it yesterday

i already stated what its like, i was merely stating that i would RATHER have an LTD MH-1000

but otuof your choices, i would take the MII just cause i havent heard of a SL4...but if it was an SL1 theni would probably get that
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ok cheers, thought you were thinking of some ltd ver, since you said you'd prefer a ltd :P

still need somebody who knows _anything_ about these damn sl-4's