Poll: Fav. Ice Cream Truck treat?
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10 23%
Bomb Pops
5 11%
2 5%
Sonic pops
2 5%
Mario pops
4 9%
Ninja Turtle pops
8 18%
Ice Cream Sandwiches
8 18%
5 11%
Voters: 44.
Well boys and girls, it's almost time again for that little truck with the cutesy music and the pedophile driver to start making its rounds throughout the villages. So I ask you all this, what is your all time favorite treat you get from the ice cream truck? My top choice just has to be the jumbo Bomb Pops. Those things just hit the spot on 90 degree days. Also the Ninja Turtle pops with the gum balls for eyes are just amazing.

*note* I realize the poll is quite limited in terms of choices but that's all I can really remember, and each damned truck is just a little different than the last.
We don't get ice cream trucks around here. We get dudes riding around on bikes with fridges on them.

But I'd go for a drumstick or fudgebar.
Alas, my fair village has not been blessed with the presence of mobile frozen cream venders.

I like fudgesicles though.
Those choco-taco's with the waffle cone taco shell filled with vanilla ice cream covered in that hardened chocolate were awesome, basically just a cooler looking nutty buddy or whatver they're called now that I think about it.... But they used to have those for dessert at some taco bells a LONG time ago as well as ice cream trucks.
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I was visiting family in Los Angeles, and one night an ice cream truck stopped by. I got the Mario thing. And that's all I ever remember ever eating from an ice cream truck. At the time, I was big into Mario (I was 9).
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