ok, so the guitar i remade for my (ex)girlfriend will probalby be finished tomarrow (i'll post pics if i feel like it lol) but anyway, i just thought of buildign a custom case for it.... any advice is aceptted, and my main question is, if i use 2x6's for the sides, will that be too heavy?
you fixed your ex's guitar, and you're gonna build a case for her? damn she's got you on a leash.

i don't think making it out of wood would be too smart...it'll probably weigh way too much.
well, what could i make it out of?
and no she doesnt have me on a leash.....she has me wrapped around her finger.........
and i didnt fix her guitar, i fixed my old one and im gonna give it to her.......it was her birthday present, but then we broke up and im still gonna give it to her......cuz theres a pretty good chance of us gettin back together
you mean like particle board type stuff? and we dont have a hardware store anymore cuz the guy that owned it died...
Could make it out of cardboard and duct tape, comes in all kinds a colors. I mean actually make it nice, make big sheets of tape. It's not really stable though =\