which is a better buy in your opinion? like better tone, volume and price. Also by dsl 50 watt i mean 50 or 100 wat head
i'd go for the combo
easier to lift/carry
and better for practice at home
though capable of doing gigs

you dont really need a half stack tube amp


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I agree with hendriko. You probably don't really need a half stack. I think the combo will be more useful for you.
volume isnt much a big deal, chances are youre not going to crank either the 50 or the 100..if you got a nice cab, and want thick and tight bottom end, then go for the head and cab. But you should try them out, a 2 12 has its own tone, when my band recorded i put VOXes and Fenders through 2 12, sometimes through a marshall 2 12 for certain tones, and marshalls and mesas and stuff like that through 4 12s, it really has a different tone by its projection and cab build. So its your call

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If price isn't a concern, I'd go with the 50W head and a 2x12 cab. But there's more versatility in a half (or quarter) stack. You can always buy a different head or cab to mix and match your sound, and moving it is no more difficult than moving a combo, IMHO.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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