you know that commercial that has that cowboy singing through the whole in his neck

well basically i think it's hilarious

and my band want's to play this at a gig while smoking cigars.

and normally,

i'd tab it out myself,

but my sound card is fried and i don't feel like searching through the TV.

so if someone could help me out ,

that'd be rad.

here's a link to the YouTube video:


it's like 3 chords i think

shouldn't be too hard
I cant figure out the part where he references the hole in his neck but the basic chords are

D G and A
Ok, I listened to it and he plays 0,2,4 on the A string. Then the chords uses are D, A, and G. And the very last part when he slides up the neck is a D barre chord. Thats basically it.
I believe there's already a thread with a tab for this in, so do a search of the forum for 'tobacco' or something.
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