me and my friends have been jamming for a few months never all together but Ive jammed with the drummer and the lead guitarist (not together just one or the other).
(LONGER VERSION) shorter version below

(GUITAR)I've known the lead guitarist almost all my life and he is the one who got me into guitar I've been playing for a year and a haft he was playing about another year and a 1/2 before me (never took any lessons but fast learner with tabs and is writing his own riffs and solos). he plays alot of stuff like bodom,metallica,megadeth,zepplin,hendrix

(DRUM)The drummer is another good friend of mine occasionally like to party rather then practice which is a little annoying. he has been playing about as long as I have and is pretty good at it. he plays stuff like van halen,bodom,metallica,black dahlia (try)

(BASS)the bass player actually isn't in our band. Ive talked to him about it before he isn't in any band right now his last band was a pop punk cover band. hes been playing for 7 years. he likes stuff like bodom,metallica,maiden.

an old friend of mine thinks that he is going to start a death metal band with a different friend who has been playing for under a year and has a berhiner starter pack the lead guitarist and the drummer.

My band has a best friend on guitar,a friend on drums,a new friend on bass kinda (See Above BASS) another friend is trying to steal the guitarist and drummer. when jamming with my drummer we thought about getting a set list learning those songs

So I not to be in spite or anything but I kinda want to beat them in making a band so I can be in a band and not left out.

so how should I get the group together for practices
how should I ask the bassist if he wants to join

these be a good set? (drummer and rhythm/vocal guitarist approved)
we didn't fully decide just kinda how to stuff flows
most of the local venues have around a 1/2 hour sets

Ides of March-Iron Maiden >leads into next song (open noise/feedback)
Paranoid-Megadeth cover >leads into next song (drum solo)
Kissing the shadows-children of bodom (or Bodom beach Terror)
-Band Intro,members etc etc-
(suggest)-motley crue
My Michelle (or other GNR)-GNR
Aces High-Iron Maiden (solo improv possibly)
(Umm Suggest something)
Everytime I die -or- Downfall- or Towards dead end -Bodom
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anyone have any advice
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Every pic of Jimmy Page taken looking up at him. He looks like a 10 foot tall GOD!
Try to pick one day a week that everyone can commit to a practice. That way you don't have to call them all the time, and you guys will just have an agreement as to the time and place you practice every week. As for the bass player, tell him you think he's good and that his style would really fit your band and ask him if he can make it to your practices once a week. That way he'll know point blank that you want him in the band, and he'll tell you if he doesn't want to be.

Not really familiar with too many of the songs in your setlist, but just make sure you have a list of songs that shows your versatility.
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Every pic of Jimmy Page taken looking up at him. He looks like a 10 foot tall GOD!
you shouldn't stick to a setlist religiously.

what i mean is learn maybe 2 new songs EVERY week. don't let your fans get bored of hearing you play the same shit over and over again. this comes from personal experience!