Okay, today I had (non-school) band practice. Today, this new kid showed up and started busting "Master Of Puppets" on his bass. I joined in, and we played for like 4 minutes before we got bored. He began to tap a random riff, out of pure boredom, and I tried, but I didn't do it very well. So, my fellow UG addicts...is there anyway I can learn how to tap better?
Keep on practicing, and make sure you're actually "tapping" the string with your finger hard enough so that the note sounds.
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is it bad to tap with the pick itself?
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^ Most people just use their fingers.

It's not "bad", though.
The pick just depends on if it's easier to get a sound using it that way, or if it's more convenient.
My guitar teacher recently got me into tapping with my pick, for me it's alot more controlled, you get a much clearer sound and you can go alot faster. Joe Satriani used pick tapping so i'm sure it's not too bad