This is actually 2 songs I medleyed in to one. The lyrics in there are from my old band, I meant to get rid of them and never actually did. And if you actually read the lyrics, you could tell that this was our starting song. So other than those 2 side notes, Enjoy!
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i enjoyed that it was very well writen. the melodeys were really good and fit in the song perfectly. i liked the use of the sawtooth for vocals. the lyrics were also really nice they were a story but not like any story ive ever heard in music in general.

overall very nicely writen with really good melodeys and harmoneys 9/10
i really enjoyed this
great use of time signitures and such
ill be honest i dont usually like these kind of song but this blew me away!
i wasnt a big fan of the pre-chrous but it was still good

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EDIT: you did crit mine...i forgot...ill shut up now
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Awesome. 9/10 ain't bad.

to peiceofmind: Thanks a lot man. It really means a lot.

to sebastian: I'm flattered that you enjoyed this when normally you wouldn't have listened to it. I'm sorry to hear you didn't like the pre-chorus too much but i guess thats the yin to my yang. (or is that backwards?)
it was good, but it seemed more like a punk song than an alt. metal song because you used that punk chord progression that is in every punk song in existence. But for a punk-ish song, it was very good and did not get boring. 6/10 because of that chord progression
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^pop-punk you mean :/ i could see this being a green day song mor than a germs song or something, thats the only thin i dont like, its not alt. metal or nu-metal because thats along the lines of no solos at all, i would say this is a pop-punk song more than anything

very well put together with simple riffs, but not my kind of music
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ch715dallat - Yeah, The Lyrics were kind of a joke.
nexteyenate - Ya know, I really only put alt. metal because i never really pictured punk to play melodies like i had. And I Can't recall that many songs with my progression (F#, Em, A, D)
Stolenidentity1 - That makes what nexteyenate more clear. But i still wouldn't consider this too punk... Oh well...

Thanks for the reviews guys.. Glad to see NO ONE finds it boring or has asked me to change something...
I really enjoyed this. Everything flowed smoothly, which is very important IMO. The solo was lovely, musically simple, but fitting and might I say even atmospheric as this song seems to be. Well done, I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Although I wasn't overly fond of the lyrics, seemed somewhat generic. I'm no better though, so theres not much I can suggest for improvement. Keep up the good work.
I really liked it. I think the only let down was the punk rock-ish chorus for me. The pre-chorus ended like the chorus was going to be massive, but it wasn't. Maybe try to slow down the tempo on the chorus to give it a more powerful, heavier feel? But besides that little detail it was really good.
First, I wanted to say thanks for the crit

I really enjoyed this piece a lot. Theres not much to crit on in my opinion actually. I agree that this wouldnt really be metal, but its a pretty cool song, very catchy. The riffs were all pretty cool. The solo was well written. I really liked the intro too. There are only a few things that I can think of to make it even better. Maybe adding a heavier solo maybe earlier in the song to maybe push it a little towards the metal side, if thats what you were aiming for, and if you were getting into drums a lot on this song, I didn't really like the fill right after the intro. Everything was very well written.

I'd say 9/10 for now
I'll crit this when I get home from work hopefully. By everyone's response, sounds interesting.
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bravo, i love all the oarts of the song. its catchy. it has a "the police" vibe, though it is alt metal
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Alright Guys, I can take a hint, It's not really that metal. But It's easier to classify like that... and if you actually play it, it sounds much heavier.

Thomasoman - I'm a musician not a lyricyst. I tryed though, and that's what matters.

Lendorov - I like that idea. I'm going to edit it and see how it works, but it very well could be a flop...

6 6 6 1 syn - It's worth a shot to change the solo and once again, I'll try it. As for the drums, I like the fill because it's more of a built than going directly into it. Though, i did try a lot of things there. That intro took me the longest (this was origionally 2 songs... until i got to the bridge...)

Fire^it^up - That's weird. I don't listen to the police and only know of 1 song (or so i think).
That was very good. I especially liked the vocal melodies. Everything fit together very well. Great job.
can i steal that and make it screamo?
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