right so i switched on my amp today as per usual
& theres a humming sound coming from it
the leads not plugged in, and when i plug the guitar in nothing happens it just hums
ive scrolled through channels, changed settings nothings worked
could someone tell me whats up with my amp?
(its a Line 6 Spider II - before you say owt, i know its a bag o' w@nk"
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God hates you. On a more serious note, you should have everything plugged in before you turn the amp on, or turn the volume on both the guitar and the amp down when you plug it in.
check the guitar's wiring
that happened to me
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Maybe your guitar cable is shorting out. Do you have nice thick one? If you dont, thats probably it.
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That tends to happen to line 6 amps ive seen it happen to quite a few ( well 2 and yours). Hence dont buy one.
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