Poll: ear piercings on guys
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41 32%
cute(from a girls point of view)
9 7%
1 ear
58 46%
both ears
41 32%
Voters: 127.
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heaps of my mates have them done. its looks pretty good.
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ive got both lobes and my cartilage on one side
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It's not an open and shut thing. Some people can work earings, some can't
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I don't know if I can help it.

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Some people can work earings, some can't

Yeah, they are quite complex devices.
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I don't like the holes. Those are just gross.
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I had one...in third grade. People thought I was all hardcore. Then it got infected, and I never looked back...
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i hate the lobes, unless you get something cool in them like a stratcher or something, but i think the cartilage looks pretty good.
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I'm getting one soon. Nobody will be able to see it with my hair, but whatever.
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Plugs/flesh tunnels/whatever: yay.

Hoops/studs: nay.
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ive got my left peirced
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I have a diamond stud on my left ear. :P

I use that or a small gold loop.
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I think they look ok. Some people don't look good in them though.
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I don't usually like studs on guys, especially if they have short hair. It looks bad. If they have long hair it's not so bad. I guess it depends what kind of earings on what type of guy.
I got one in my left ear, had it for like 9 years now... I like em, as long as it isn't one of those HUGE gaudy diamonds... medium sized diamonds are ok though
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You should have a choice for "I don't care" because I don't care what people do with their ears or what some a-hole considers gay.
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I have both of my lobes pierced and stretched to 8 gauge, my left lobe has a second piercing in it that I'm letting close, and my left cartilage is pierced and stretched to 14 ga. So nothing too extreme but I love em.
To thread starter:
Care to add a few more options?

Tongue, eyebrow, etc etc.

Not that I have any but I'm just curious to know what people think of the other places.

flickr you might
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as long as their not fucking diamond studs or shit like that.

I just can't stand guidos...
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personally i think all piercings look stupid on guys and all facial piercing except ears look stupid on girls
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Not a big fan of body modification in the first place, so I'll go for the nonexistent "I don't care" option.
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I've got both my ears pierced and stretched to 8 mm.

I quite enjoy piercings/ear piercings, but I really dislike the people who will pierce one ear and stretch it. I have a thing for piercing symmetry.
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what do plugs look like?

I just made 2 holes in my ex's left ear, and 1 in her right btw.....
oh the revenge
i clicked on all of them as i'm a moron

but no i dont like em
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