Hey guys!
Haven't been here for a while busy with school and stuff
But my friend just got new accoustic Exsel guitar and he wants to learn to play it. I am no guitar expert myself so i decided to come here for advice He got an acoustic Exsel guitar, tuner, like 40 picks a bunch of books, magazines including; Guitar for dumies, play guitar! acoustic guitar magazine, a dvd with austrailian guy (dont remember on top of my head) and he wants to learn to play badly but he doesnt know where to start. He doesnt want to learn the abc song or twinkle twinkle little star but easy songs that will help him with cords/harder songs and he also has some ideas for some songs so he wants to put also words and music togeher...
Well all advise you give i will tell him
Thanks againg
one really easy good song is blue octobers "hate me" ... just four basic chords and really fun especially once you get it down and can sing to it ... tab is here

what i did was to learn the major and minor chords first ... all except F minor, G minor, C minor and the B chords, which are slightly trickier. learned how to play them real well and switch between them quickly before looking at learning a song, there are literally thousands of songs you can play with those few chords and sound great ...
ok i looked at the song and i will tell him about it tommorow but i have a question about ( i will explain to him how to play it) When i play G chord and i strike down do i go back up or do i just change the chord kinda noobish question but i am learning myself. any more sugestion/comments/links will be helpfull thanks againg