Ok, so I recently bought a chromatic tuner, and there is an option to adjust the frequency from 410Hz to 480 Hz, which affects how the guitar is tuned. What should I have on, what's like standard?
just curious.. if you should always keep the frequency at 440Hz, why do they give you the option to change frequencies.. for different tunings?
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i think because 420 is like a 1/2 step down
different frequencies are different tunings
I wasn't sure, and the really sad thing is that it was on 480 when I bought the thing, and I went through maybe 5 sets of strings before figuring this out. The guy at the guitar store thought I was just stupid and didn't know how to put them on. Thanks for the answer.

And no, 440 sounds right I remember that from school. And an octave higher is 880 blah... blah...
if different frequencies are different tunnings, what frequency would CGCFAD be? cu i tune to that but i have it in 440. is that right or should it be something else?
That's right. But what they are saying is if you tuned your guitar at 440 to say a half step down, it would be the same as tuning your guitar standard at 420.
Don't change the frequency for alternate tunings like CGCFAD. Just keep it at 440 and tune to that.
You can change the frequency on some tuners, because at some point you may have to accompany an instrument which is slightly out of tune, but would take to long to retune

A grand piano is a good example of this.