I was just screwing around earlier and i typed my name into google. You'd be surprised to see how many times you appear on the internet. I only appeared a couple times, but I found a few famous people that have the same name as me.

Anways, go to Google and search for yourself and let us know what you find.
I was hung in Baghdad??
honor roll in the newspaper, thats all
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I have the same name as a New England Patriot football player so thats all that comes up.
lol I'm some pro-wrestler in Australia. 6'10'', 360 lbs, and I can't keep my ass out of jail.
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haha bitches, im a guitarist in 3 doors down. Im also an american soccer player.
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everytime i google my name it always comes up with a few types of people. black people (i have a black name and i'm white!) Lawyers, and farmers, or slaves. how Bizarre!

i have the same name as some high school wrestler so he kept coming up.
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apparently i own an electrical compnay and i'm also an architect

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First hit on google images:

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I googled my name once. turns out there's a black guy with my name who sells real estate in upscale New York. Me and my buddies laughed about this for about 2 hours (I have a very ethnic Italian name, and to see someone whose not even white to have it came as a complete shock. No, I'm not racist.).
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my name makes kids in a sandbox come up....
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