I need a new guitar between $700 - $800 might be able to go a bit over not much though i live in australia too. I play stuff like iron maiden, metallica, killswitch engage etc... I like ibanez gutiars casue of the necks is there any other guitars like that? And i want a locking tremlo.

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try a hellraiser or a C-1 Classic
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The Schecter Heallraiser-FR is awesome. The ESP Eclipse is also really nice but i don't remember the price.
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I just ordered the Ibanez RG1570. Very cool guitar. It's $750 with the Ibanez hard case. I'm just buying a nice gig bag at guitar center so it's only costing me $660. But anyway it's a nice metal guitar but gets a nice clean tone from the single coil as well.
If you like Ibanez you should check out the RG1570... you can get one new for $750. You might also want to check out the Jackson SLSMG... you can find one on ebay in your price range.
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Remember, he does live in AU which things are going to be more expensive over there. Check out the Ibanez S series. The S470 should be in your price range.
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the whammy on it is i think EDGE III????? your in aust hmmmmmmmm,.... 800 aust you really can't get much thats "great" and teh s470 is a bit over ur price range go on ebay and get a used LTD thers a nice Ex 400 on aussie ebay have a lookie its at 800 now
o dont' think so 800 us isn't so much our money any more isn't us to aud 1=.8?
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR!!!!
Best efen guitar. I want one hella bad.
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