i was on musiciansfriend and i saw a bunch of b stock and blem epi les pauls and SGs for a lot cheape. By blem do they mean a few nicks and scratches or the pickups dont work and the neck is broken. Is it safe to by a blem guitar or is it a risk?
as far as i know its fairly safe...usually a blem guitar is just a blem in the finish and is often barely noticeable, but it should affect the playability of the guitar whatsoever
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they all work. and come usually can be returned anyway.
usually it's a return that's been fixed or a cosmetic problem.

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A few people I know (I wouldn't call them friends... heh) have bought "blemeshied" guitars online and we couldn't find a single thing wrong with them. You might get unlucky and get one with a scratch or a small crack somewhere, but it almost never affects the sound or playablity of the guitar, It's purley cosmetic. So if you're on a budget and are gonna smash the guitar up anywway; or you just don't care buy one, by all means.

And hey with the money you save, you might even be able to get the blemish repaired.

Edit: And like he said above if it's too dramatic, send it back and you SHOULD get all your money back, possibly less a shipping fee.