I dunnnoe. i bought my strat copy from them and it was fine. they recently raised their shipping to like $44.80 which i think is a rip off guitars seems fine, got warrenty from manufact and stuff like that, they forgot to mail something and i told them and they mailed it so they are pretty good.
Ditto on the shipping increase. I bought 2 strat copies when their shipping was $35. One guitar totalled $47 and the other was $53. Well worth it if you are trying to save money. I had to watch their auctions for a couple of months to get those deals. I don't even know if they sell them that cheap anymore.

As for getting a LFR guitar off of them, that may be a bigger gamble.

Rondo Music has a few cheap LFR guitars on their site.


here is my favorite for the price: RG wanna BE.


There are more expensive ones but I gather that you want cheap...So have fun.