Well me and my band are changing our name, which right now is Audio Overspill. We are a Punk/metal but mainly punk. I thought of a list of names and i would like outsider input

New Age Anthem
New Day Anthem
New Age Heroes
Full Capacity
All systems Go
Early Renewal
Down to Earth
Fire Safety
Traffic Violation
Starry Rival
Bionic soldiers
Modern Heroes
Early Revival
Hard Choice
something with glorified in it (idk what though)
Full speed Ahead

any input would be nice
The ones i like, New Day Anthem, Full Capacity, Early Renewal, Unleashed, Traffic Violation, and Early Revival.
Very nice names for sure.
Down to Earth

im pretty sure thats already a band
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i like Fire Safety if were talking old-school punk

but other-wise Insomnia
Dissonance is Bliss

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I used to think Catalyst was a good band name... Apparently about 100 other bands did too.
Early Renewal is a sweet name.
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