Im going to buy a new guitar, around 400$ im paying half, dad pays the other half

i narrowed down some choices..

Damien 6 FR
Im thinking this one..but then theres these other choices

Epi LP Stnd


Fender Tele Stnd

Ibanez RG5EX1

Ibanez RG4EXQM1 quilted

i currently have a strat copy and a SG made from ebay parts and a cube 20x amp
Try and see if you can play them all. If not, then get either the ESP, Schecter or Epi. Personally, I hate most RG Ibanez's because of their thin ass necks and ugly finishes. That quilt one looks nice, but most of them also have shitty pickups too.
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Well, nothing up there will really fit your ska needs except for the tele, but that won't really do metal. If I were you I'd stay clear of the damien. I played one a little while back and the trem was crap. Maybe it was just that guitar though. I wouldn't get the ESP either-agathis. So that leaves you with the LP and the Ibanez's. Two very different guitars styles-try them all out.
Good idea. I'd still try out the RG's though. You basicly have the two extremes of neck thicknesses here-the chunky, wide LP and the rediculously thin Wizard necks.
i would personally go with the rg. I do hate the really cheap ones (gio) , but those seem fine to me (though i haven't actually played one). Also depends, if u have rather small hands there is no question about the rg being better imo...
I would have gone with the Epi LP, great guitars.
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I went to check it out, didnt really like the ibanez's they got, still undecided but leaning towards LP How will i haggle the price and how far down can i go? like 350$ would be nice