Hi, everyone... I'm new to these boards, so go easy on me!

Anyway, I'm using an Am Dlx Strat with S-1 switching. I just noticed that when you turn down the volume knob the slightest bit (almost anything less than max), it starts making a fairly noticeable, constant hiss (compared to when the volume was @ max). This hiss is, of course, a lot more evident when the tone is turned down and when the amp is at higher gain levels.

It's not a crackling sound, and it doesn't change whether I'm touching the knob or not. However, there is some crackling when the knob's at just the "right" spot, and it's very hard to even find it. In this position, contact with the knob does affect crackle.

So, is this at all abnormal? Is the crackling at that one particular spot evidence that the pot needs cleaning? Help me out, guys.