Right I'm off out to london tommorrow (today) to go buy a new electric (replace my rather rubbish squier strat.)

Music I like includes Radiohead, arcade fire, muse,Rage against the machine, mogwai etc etc.

I will be putting it through a Peavey Rage 158 (will be upgrading that to soon.)

Basic budget is £300-350ish ($600-$700).

I basically want an incredibly versatile guitar that can do some nice bluesy/jazz stuff to lots of chord work to screaming muse solos.

If anyone has seen any good deals in central london as well I would love to here of suggestions.

Only guitars I'm not too much of a fan of are LPs and I don't want a tremolo on it either. Other than that suggest away. I have the largest dealer of fenders within walking distance, the only schecter dealer in the country close by too. Any guitar suggested will be looked at.

Cheers in advance
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I bought my Ibanez AG 86 in the uk for £320, very good for blues and jazz but doesn't cope well with huge amounts of distortion although it gives a great crunch rock overdrivern sound with moderate distortion.
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Fender Fat Strat, good cleans with neck single coil and some hot distortion with the bridge humbucker. Should run you about £320 or something.

Ibanez SZ520 or something like that should be quite good for that stuff, when my friend played it in the store, he got a range of good tones out of it. Runs about £300-320 on the net.

The Washburn X50PRO if you can find would be pretty cool, it's got proper Seymour Duncan pickups and coil tapping on it making it pretty damn versatile. Plus it's about £350, at the edge of your budget.

Look up a Fender Standard Telecaster too, Radiohead use them and so did RATM for a wee while I think. (Although upgraded and stuff me thinks). Pretty versatile guitars, and it's got that twang! :P Runs about £300+ me thinks.

Good luck and have fun!
i know you said suggest other guitars but if you like radiohead muse ratm etc i would suggest a fender mex strat/tele

no point getting another type of guitar, a fender would suit you perfect

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