When you have a rack and rack gear, do you just hook it up to the cabs, or do you have to also have the head?

I was looking at:

Preamp Chassis

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3(Discontinued, but I will buy it through Randall somehow)

Module 4

What are some things I should know about Racks/rack gear? and wear can i find some cases?



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Well #1 You are gonna need a poweramp out to your cab - either that or you could run it in throught the effects loop on another amp.
#2 The preamp model you have selected is great if you want one base unit with a LARGE variety of tones, however this variety comes at a fairly high price tag. With all those modules you could get a fairly decent engl preamp, a Marshal JMP-1, or a variety of Mesa preamps. None of these single preamps will have as much versatility, but they will sound better for the specific sounds they do. Except for the JMP-1 which can do almost all the tones of the Randall.

Another option (the one I am planning on taking) is getting a couple of Ada MP-1's and modding them for specific sounds. They are only about $200 and are amazing sounding full preamps (not just modules) for the price. Stock they have a hotrodded Marshall sound, but you can mod them for a wide variety of sounds. The only sound you really can't get out of them isd a sparkly Fender clean, but beside that most everything else is fair game. But remember you are still going to need a preamp - so figure that into your budget. Personally you are not going to find much knowledge of rack setups here, as there are a few people with very expensive amp setups, but not many people with nice rack setups, so I suggest you head over to harmony central as their are many people who extensive knowledge of this subject - in fact their is one guy over there who has a $30,000 rack setup (and pics!).
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