pretty decent band. i like the sound of the drums and the style, but i think the vocals could be alot more brutal. but the riffs are good. the vocals arent good as in like Vader. brutal as fuck, but just wimpy vox.
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I think you should listen to Bodom_Shredder7.

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Listen to Bodom_Shredder, he knows what hes talking about

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i dont rlly understand the conquestado video it seems prowar but the band has liberal themed lyrics and is named after an economical tool,i think.
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They aren't death metal, they are grindcore.

Anyhow, they are one of my favorite bands. And now a quote from my favorite video, The Great Depression:

"Smokes brings prosperity, they tell ya here....smoke brings prosperity. No matter if you choke on it."
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I've seen them twice, saw them support Fear Factory and recently with Necrophagist. First time was OK, but in their Necro support slot they put on a really good show.
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i saw them when they supported behemoth and suffocation. they put on a good show. i like them.
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Badass band. I'm just now getting into them but they keep me interested.
That loser shit's right out the window!
They are decent. Nothing I would wow over though.
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Mega bump

New album.

**** me they are amazing.
Everything about it...guitars, vocals and drums everything is perfect.
9/10 for me.
sick band, i can't wait to get Traitors.
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Traitors is pretty sweet, no doubt about that. There's always a headbanging riff in their songs somewhere. Love the double-bass drum work as well.
im gonna see them live with hate eternal next week, im pretty excited
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i first misread this for misery signals, i was like wtf.
they're an ok band.
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