the VOX ad's are pretty good modelling amps, ALLANS music in melbourne has the 120watt combo for like 700$ there are 60 watt combos too, probably in the 400$ range,

my friend bought a second hand ad30 for 150 bucks,

or try the Line6 amps, dont get the spider 3's though, they suck from what i heard,
Peters Chimaira tube amp
Harley Benton 2xv30's
Jackson dinky select series USA
MI audio boostnbuff+crunchbox
Carbon copy MXR + smart gate
don't get any of the line6 man
its really digital. it sounds really bad
worse than a regular solid state amp.
i like my Marshall MG30 better than Line6s.
just my opinion... but MGs actually have a little of the marshall crunch.
getting a DSL soon tho =]
so u might wanna save up for a better amp. thats probably what most ppl would say in here
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