ok so ive been playing for my church for a while now and have also been doing some light gigging , just fun voluntary stuff, anyway i own a half stack wich is fine but im not a fan of lugging it around for short venues or when i dont ned that much power, so i was either going to buy a smaller 90 watt and use that with a instrument mic they have at my church or go line out, but i was looking for a new distortion pedal today and discovered multi efffects processors, now in the past i overlooked these because i assumed they were a bunch of generic bland sounds or very light modulations, but i could be wrong. anyway am i correct in assuming that i could simply use the multi effects pedal and just send that straight to the house p.a. system ive played like that before with just my guitar and a distortion pedal. anyway what should i get, i want something with descent distortion, it doesnt have to be metal cause i wont be playing metal with this, but it should be pleasant to the ear, also ive seen the ones with wah pedals on the side and that would be nice too. anyway ya let me know guys amp or multi effects.
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there is alot of different kinds...i mean, u have to browse around. some offer a large spectrum, some offer small ones. just try some out at ur local GuitarCenter or music store.
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more analog effects. i'm a big fan of analog effects.
single analog effects are better than digital multi effects.
and i think most of the multi effects out there are digital.
don't quote me on that though.
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well, seems like the amp is what you might really want...but multi effects processors are really nice and some include amp modulations, meaning that they make the system you're using (pa) sound like an actual amp. Look into the Boss GT8 or Zoom GT.9TT, both of these have all you need, including a wah/expression pedal (except the zoom, it has BOTH SEPERATELY).
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look at maybe a zoom g2 w/exp pedal (attached not the separate one

or a boss gt-8 would work

if your going to be using effects alot then the fx is the way to go

if you just need amplification than just grab an amp (ironically for about the same price)

orange amps tiny terror is good (depending on genre and PA setup)
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The GT-8 or POD XTL will give you increadible range in tones, and both units sound great going direct to a good PA system. You will have to dial in your tones through the PA though, so keep that in mind. If you run into any issues going through the PA, you could always pump one of those modelers into a keyboard amp (the Behringer KX1200 is great for this setup. It's cheap and can pump out enough sound to cover a large audience). I know quite a few guitarists that play worship services, and all of them use modelers. It just makes sense as they are easily moved from home to the church and they can give you a huge range of tones for little money.