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First of all, WHY?

Why? Just why?

yea seroisly
Jackson Dinky (Yeah)
Crate Flexwave 120 Head (Yeah)
Randall RX412 (Yeah)
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Yes, it does.
Why do u want to rap??

And of course its a scam!
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Buy both pickups. Rub icyhot on both of them. Sandwich your penis between them and walk to the nearest homeless shelter with your brand new icyhot penis sandwich.
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First of all, WHY?

Why? Just why?

Because I fuckin want to.
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Because I fuckin want to.

Oh, sorry, man. If it's something you want to do, then don't let anything stop you. Good luck with it.

On a serious note,
It's difficult to win unless you're bored.
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First of all, WHY?

Why? Just why?

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do you reckon straight edge people ever get temped to drink alcahole,
when really want to but they know they can't so they just dont?
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Too bad theres isnt something good like that for guitar

im pretty sure there is.. learn the fretboard in an hour..
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I you 9_11_4, you like Chuck, Opeth, and don't mind porn, that = epic metul win.

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Ash, stop masturbating.
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^^^It's not like you haven't been curious before.

Well, once I tried to fit it into a bottle...

It's difficult to win unless you're bored.

What's everyone's problem with you wanting to rap? I hope you do great, bud.
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I know.

Elitist pricks.

Yes, it seems as though closed mindedness is contagious on this site. Like some disgusting virus.

But here's to you and I, my friend.