I just reformatted my comp , and it said it cant find my speaker which = no sounds

so i thought i might have to install the hardware or something??b ut i cant find where to do it.

any help??
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Hey man, try any of these things. Hopefully it'll help.
A) Start >> control panel >> add hardware. Run the wizard. Should do the trick
B) Re-plug them in to get windows to start the auto-detect. Might work
C) Maybe you just need new drivers? This is a big "maybe" since they aren't detected in the first place... but it's worth a shot. Go to start >> control Panel >> system >> hardware tab >> device manager >> find anything dealing with "sound" and right click >> update drivers. Updating drivers is almost never a bad thing, so don't worry about hitting the right thing.
D) Plugged into the right jack?
E) Did your speakers come with a CD? If so, the CD might have special uber speakers software.
F) Throw that crap out, it requires special FBI/CIA clearance to get it to work. You've officially run out of normal-people options.
alright this is starting to shit me!

whats the symbols for the speaker jack...??
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ok , ive got the cord going from the wound out on the computer to the input on the speaker , the from that there are 2 other speakers coming out of the output.

in the device manager next to the hardware for the speakers , its got a yellow exclamation mark next to it...??
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Yeah, the yellow means that there is an error. Double click on the device, and read the message. It'll say something like "___ is not working properly because ----". Update the drivers. If that doesn't fix it, read the 'troubleshoot' instructions.
Windows cannot determine the settings for this device. Consult the documentation that came with this device and use the Resource tab to set the configuration. (Code 34)

Is what it says in the box
and nothing in the trouble shoot helps.

this is so ****ing annoying.
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if updating drivers doesn't fix anything, and you're sure you didn't get any software with your speakers, I don't know what to tell you. It sounds like you have it plugged in right.
Did these speakers work before you reformatted? I'm assuming they did. Also, you could try other speakers, and see if they work. If so, then it might not be your computers fault. I don't know, if I were you, i'd go to the website of the speaker company and look around. Also, companies like Compaq/hp have 24 hour online chatting service set up to help you fix your computer troubles. You can just talk to those tools until they help you fix it. Even if you don't have an HP computer, act like you do. I mess with them all the time. Sorry bro, I tried my best. Good luck, I'm out of ideas.