Haha the bro out part is a joke, but anyway, what songs do you like to play on acoustic when you're with a bunch of friends, drinking and whatever?
jack johnson is great for that


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france is laaaaame

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if you've seen the bro rape skit on youtube you would to

anyways yeah that or maybe some rhcp but yeah jack johnson's always a good.
Long hot summer night by Hendrix would be good.

Anything blues realy.
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Jack Johnson/ Donavon Frankenreiter/ G. Love...

use that as a basis and just play what comes to mind

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well pretty much whatever you and your friends like to listen to.

your location suggests you're a pink floyd fan... so why not some pink floyd?

the stuff my friends and i tend to play when screwing around generally consist of:
pink floyd
the beatles
dave matthews band
stone temple pilots
johnny cash
smashing pumpkins
foo fighters
counting crows
widespread panic
garth brooks
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Nickleback, and jack johnson are a bunch of easy songs to play and there my favorites

a lot o' the girls like the nickleback stuff so you should definitly try that out

a lot of the old stuff like the police, and wolf mother are cool to play but there a little harder ta play cause its not just chords instead a lot of its single notes
if your playintg for beach bums then you'll wanna play somthing softer like jimmy buffett
all my friends are big fans of system of a down and stuff like that so thats basicaly what i play
lol that bro rape vid is hilarious.
Nowadays all the songs on the radio, all drive me crazy.