i am in a band called WaggyPlank. i wrote all of these songs. thank you. you can check us out at www.myspace.com/waggyplankusa. the lyrics are for a few of the songs up on the site.


Verse 1
I feel so useless, I feel so profuseless.
Am I even worth anything at all?
I know that I’m probably not right, but I will still keep up a fight
How long will this go on, how long with this drag on?

Never will I when you’re, watching me
And I feel like you’ll never, be the same to me
Always confused never, knowing what to do
And it will always stay the same way, for me about you

Verse 2
There has got to be something, wrong with me
Whatever I try it just, just doesn’t work
Maybe if I try again then, there will be a happy end
But nothing matters to me, to me now,

Chorus (x2)

One Last Rose

Verse 1
For all the songs I wrote you, please pick one and get this over with
Please lord, just make this just go, just go just so much faster
It’s not my fate I choose, and it surely isn’t yours
Now please just move along now, that is your one last rose

One last rose could be the, turning point in your life
One last rose could be just, one plain old simple goodbye
One last time again, enough to say this true for you
You’re the past in my life; I have no sympathy for you

Verse 2
I see you everyday just walking by, just after school
I try to fake a smile, watching you there, act so cool
If you could change one thing about me, then what would you say
I bet you wish our time never ended up this way.

Chorus (x2)

Wish That I

Verse 1
We might not think the same, but we’ll be alright
Might not always get along, though sometimes we may fight
I assure you in the end, we will be okay
Just give me another chance, even though you feel this way

Verse 2
I try to make it happen, though it doesn’t always work
Wish that I could take back all the things that I said
All that I ever wanted was for you to be proud of me
But you became mad at me instead

I wish that I could have done better
And you know that I still try
I wish that I could have been everything that you wanted me to be
That would have saved a lot of time

Verse 3
After I go to bed, after a long fight
You should know that I still feel guilty inside
What was my fault, but I passed the blame
Pretty soon this world is going to go insane

Chorus (x2)

thank you. please check us out and tell us what you think.
Read the FAQs please.

You'll know what to do.

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Read the FAQs please.

You'll know what to do.
Word. For starters, there's a limit on number of songs you can post per day and per week. Also rules on the title. You're probably missing a couple others too

Just read it. You'll see.
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