Basically what the subject question is - what does drop tuning do, as such? Apologies if this is answered in the tuning thread, but that looked to just be about -how- to do it and not what it does, as such. I'd heard somewhere that Drop D, for example, gave a different functionality to how some power chords were played or somesuch? Complete beginner here, so... yeah, just curious more than anything.
Basically "drop tuning" means it's "dropping" the pitch, of a string, or lowering it's tuning to a lower note. Drop D is popular because it drops the low E string one full note so it's then a low D string. Because of this, power chords starting on the 6th string can be played by just barring the 6th, 5th, and 4th (optional) strings at any fret, letting you play power chord riffs crazy fast.
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You can get a much darker sound from drop tunings.....In alot of metalcore, if you listen it's lower than some bands because alot of those bands use drop C....It's mostly for a darker sound or playing power chords faster and easier..
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when i first started playing i started playing in drop d. it took me like 7 months to finally get used to powerchords.