i was bored and i felt like trying something new. ive heard slide in some rocks songs before, like "freebird," "judith" by a perfect circle and more recently rocco deluca & the burden...

im just wondering about technique and so on... got any tips? tunings?

whatever you guys have to say, i'll look into it. i didnt pay $6.50 for a glass slide so i can never play with it
I dont really have many tips, but here's what I did (note I'm not that good on slide)

I just played Freebird over and over till it sounded somewhat right.

Then just messed around playing other songs with it, even if they don't have a slide part.

Just play around till you get comfortable with it.
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any open tuning really, but open E and G is most popular, look up online somewhere to see how to do it, Duane Allman uses open E, and the Rolling Stones uses open G a lot, but you can play slide in standard too
open D is pretty kool

I only got my slide today
have been playing Free Bird for about an hour
the slide part aint that hard
and neither is the solo
the only problem is remembering it all
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