Hey guys,
Ive only heard good things about this, can they be used as a pre-amp? Id be getting the pro rackmount one.
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Yeah they can be used as a pre-amp. I think bumper uses one as his pre-amp so maybe pm him or somthing?
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They are absolutely wonderful. I've owned mine for quite a while, and I've never had a single problem from it. The sound is great, lots of different tones, all of which are awesome. You can go straight from a Justin Meldal-Johnsen tone to a Jesse Keeler sound instantly. Not a single one of the amp models does not sound good. Honestly, you can't expect a modeling amp to get the exact tones of all those famous amps (especially not one that's under $200) but the Bass V-Amp Pro really holds its own. Also, if you're into songwriting this is the ultimate tool. In addition to the bass heads it models, it also has several guitar heads (imo the Triple Rect model sounds great with a bass). The effects are cool, and the synth is a lot of fun to play with. I recommend it to anyone as a preamp.
Thanks man.

Also, can you record into a PC with it?

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You sir, are correct.