So, here´s a little story: I have a Jackson PS-2 and after 6 years of abuse I´ve finally decided to replace the stock bridge humbucker (J70, looks terrible now that it´s all rusty and sounds even worse). I´d really like to slap in a Bill Lawrence L500XL but the problem is that I live in Finland and I´ve been told that they don´t sell Bill Lawrence pickup here anymore. That leaves me with two options: either to try finding a used one or to order it overseas. Shipping costs are like 20€(25$) but that´s not the biggest issue.

The question is: Is the L500XL model really worth all the money/trouble/pain/misery that I should order it from abroad? Or does anyone have good recommendations of pickups that sound pretty much the same? I like to play all kinds of music but this particular guitar is meant for rock/metal.

And yes, I´m aware of the Duncan Dimebucker, but I´ve also heard that it´s a bit overpriced and in comparison, the L500XL is more midrangey(When playing metal, I like to boost the mids quite a lot) and has better overall sonic range.

Any help would be appreciated!