I looked up the lessons on the site, but when I tried to read some of the stuff, I couldn't understand it.
Words like interval, diatonic, and other music vocabulary.
Are there any books on where I can learn more into these kinds of things? I should probably buy a book on reading sheet music and such, or some kind of guitar basics book.
Do you guys recommend any books?

I've been learning guitar for 3 years now, but I don't think I've really learned anything except power chords and how to read tabs. I'm hoping to get more serious in playing guitar and ultimately I want to be able to know what I'm doing, I mean not just playing what I see and not understanding it. But actually read music, and "get" it. Maybe get into music theory even.
I'm hoping to get more practice in my spring break.
some advice would be great.

What's the difference between the Gibson SG and the Fender Telecaster other than price and cosmetics?
I get the feeling the SG is more for rock and the telecaster has a bluer kind of sound, maybe even Britpop kind of sound?
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we're kinda in the same boat, i've been playing for a few years, and i havent taken lessons, so im not huge on theory, but i found a musical dictionary type site for you, try this:
hope that can be of some help.

as for SG/Tele differances, pickups are a big differance in the two, as well as body woods. i dont own either, so i cant really get "in-depth"
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Fretboard logic, find it at any bookstore or guitar center.
Or you could read the beginning theory lesson in the lessons section.
well I started to put my guitar improvement plan into action today. I'm gonna do some online lessons from guitarbasics.com about guitar theory, just to get the grasp at least of what guitar theory is.
I like to play Beatles kind of music, and pop-rock, also a bit of j-rock also. I'm still not really sure about whether to invest in a Gibson SG or a Fender Telecaster. Yeah I noticed the telecaster and SG have different pick-ups like Bottle stated. But what is the different sound? I'm also kind of interested in the Fender Jaguar

I own a Esquier Strat, which is getting sort of old, I think it's at least 15 years old now, since it's a handmedown.
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try the musician talk forum for help with theory.
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trust me go to any music shop that sells guitars and they will have stacks of guitar books

as for the guitars the sg i find has a much nicer sound i own a 61 reisue sg and it has a springy sound that you cant get with the strat but if you are going to play grunge or something with alot of power chords id go for the fender but the sg's double cut away is better for soloing , what kind of music are you going to play with it is really what you should focus on i also inherited a just short of 30 year old fender heavy metal strat and that sound great aswell

tell me what music you play and ill see what i think then ask anyone else