Hello guys,

I have just been listening to the new album by Dark Tranquility and fell in love with the Bass tone of the first Song "Nothing to No One"... well I tried getting it but I cant get a satisfying result. When playing over my Boss ODB3 there is way too much fuzz and just with the Backline 600 theres nearly no growl...
I havent experimented with the gain yet.

Does anybody have any ideas?
What kind of bass are you using? Michael Nicklasson uses Warwick basses, which are very well known for their growly tone.
I know and there lies the problem... I play an Ibanez BTB405 with the standard (elixier) Strings eventhough the BTB is said to have potential to create many many tones i have no expirience in using a Bass EQ as i have bein using a passive Bass all the time and so i did the adjustment via the amp.
This might be a bit off topic.....but I'm seeing them the 19th! I also met their bassist and vocalist last year.