I have this song in my library listed as "The Breakup Song" by the Strokes, but I'm pretty sure it's not by the Strokes. The voice is kinda greenday ish and the lyrics as I hear them are:

I called you on the phone
and you said that somethings wrong
I can feel it in your voice
I can hear it in your tone
You said it's just not working out
Just not working ou

I'll be crying when you go away
I'll be crying when you go away

Based on that does anyone know what it is?
Linkin park.

"tbh i think its just too much pressure to take.. i caant hold ooooooooooawwnnnn"
It is 'the breakup song'...googled it
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yeah, it's "the break up song"
not by the strokes though, by "different strokes" =P