So your probably thinking Linkin park cant be done acoustic, and if you were to say that you would have a very strong opinion on the matter.
I decided anyways to take a stab at it... its hard enough to sing chesters key AND make a linkin park sound good acoustic, but here it is.
Thanks to anyone who takes the time to check it out.

linkin park - crawling
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Wow.. that was very very good!
Your voice and the guitar sounded prefect!

Nothing to crit! I'm sure you are going places!
good singin just the chorus realy over powers the guitar! The verse's are pretty perfect!! Good job over-all!!
Hey that was actually pretty good! You had a couple high notes which didnt sound right, I dunno why, but overall you hit it pretty good. Great job!
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acoustic numetal...
there's no way of doing it better than you did, still im not very fond of it.
nice powa though! =)
wow that was great. You have the best voice I've heard on here... now I haven;t heard loads of people but still well done. Very Powerful. Only things I would say are you can't hear the guitar during the chorus and point the camera down so we can see you playing the guitar more.

Wel done

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very well done.... also a great job on the starlight muse cover aswell.... keep it up! great guitar and voice!
Thanks a lot guys for the feedback, I agree that you cant hear the guitar when i sing loud, so in the one video of starlight by muse, i plugged into my pa and eq'ed so u could hear everything, then some guy accused me that i was shadowing my voice behind reverb, and that i couldnt sing the song.. anyways whatever, i brought it right back to the roots of music, a guitar and a voice, no power... and i dont really know what to do to solve that problem without using the pa again.. It has been a pet peeve of mine, and thank you for pointing it out again
Work to live, not live to work.
wow. your voice is pretty ****in' badass dude. wish i could sing that powerfully.

nice job. =]
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Wow dude, you nailed it. I thought it was excellent. I have heard your stuff before and I think you are a great musician. Your voice was right on key. I couldn't really hear any mistakes. I could totally see you doing that on stage after like an hour long set, an encore of just you and a 12-string and belting that song out. Really strong work dude. Good guitar playing as well. Playing and singing at the same time is a skill not many people can do well.

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"Hard to do linkin park justice"????

Poop in toilet does linkin park justice!