ok, im confuzzled. Ive been trying to get my friend to have a jam but he always makes up excuses or dodges it. Fair enough, sometimes it might be hard to move equipment around so i got him an adaptor to hook up the guitar to pc so we could have an online jam yet he still dodges it or makes up excuses. So what im saying is why?!? Why would someone not want to jam so much..........its not as if im going to criticise his playing and call him crap.
How long has he been playing, how good is he and how often does he play in front of people? Probably just stagefright, especially if you're a lot better. Or he could just not actually be your friend.
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Maybe he thinks that he sucks too much to play with you and when you guys try, he will fuck something up. Most likely, he is nervous since he probably hasn't played with anyone before.
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Jealousy, it happens. just dont show off in front of him(if youre better) or hes just not very passionate about music. if i were you i'd look elsewhere
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He might be a poser and doesn't actually know how to play guitar
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Have you ever heard him play? Does he say hes a bigshot? I used to have a buddy... ok fine it was me, and I used to say I was all great... But I would always dodge band practice because I couldn't play more then a standard chord progression.
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maybe he wants your body and jamming would just get in the way of his real intentions

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Maybe its the other way around...he's really good and you suck? No offense, but that could be a possibility.
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yeah, if he's been talking a big game, he's probably a poser.
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Dude, perhaps he just doesn't want to. Maybe he sucks, maybe you suck and he doesn't want to jam with you, there's a shitload of maybes here. Just stop being a pain in the ass and leave the guy alone.
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Hes been playing about a year and a bit but doesnt practice alot (or so im led to believe with the lack of progress), ive been playing a little less and im better than him because i practice more and learn alot more types of music. We have played together before, i let him suggest songs he can play/likes and i learn them and play along (even thought i may not particularly like the song) to boost hos confidence and get him started but he always find excuses not to have a jam. We both know im the better player but i dont show off or call him shitty, i try to help him develop better playing techniques but if we dont jam i cant help him and hes not going to get any better.
We both know im the better player but i dont show off or call him shitty, i try to help him develop better playing techniques but if we dont jam i cant help him and hes not going to get any better.

there's your problem right there, you're being a tool.

Maybe he's got other things to do, maybe he's not as interested in the guitar...he doesn't need to give you a reason to not want to jam with you, he just doesn't want to. You aren't one of those blokes that pleads with girls for "reasons" every time they don't want to go out with you?
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