I re-recorded Scartissue to get the rhythm and make a better solo lemme know what you think


Crit it and if you want me to check out something of your lemme know
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It's not bad, im assuming that you're using the bridge pickup on your strat? if so try the neck pickup. Playing wasn't bad though
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playing was good but it sounded a little to twangy for scar tissue try to get a bit more bass and mids in the tone to even it out
O man lol i guess it was on a bridge pickup, didnt really notice to much, i gotta put it on neck pickup next time
sounds nice most of the time, but there are some parts that sound really sketchy, you should work on that.

also that song is more laid back you know? you need to get that feel, dont dig so hard into your picking, just like ease up a little and pick a little more fluidly, you get me? good work nonetheless

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Yeah, use your bridge pickup, the fills you put in are sometimes good sometimes not so good. The solo is too quiet and you ought to at least follow the original style of john's solo. It doesn't fit as well, it doesn't stand out enough. It's not bad, just yeah. Also, maybe a little more overdrive towards the end?

I'm guessing you didn't do the backing track (as it has backing vocals but no singing). Sorry if I'm wrong.

Good job, some nice, tasteful playing.

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I agree that the tone's a bit twangy, also at times your playing sounds a little staccato for the song.
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its good, no mistakes or nothin and thats all fine but U HAVE NO VOCALS! that song is not hard to sing, do it ur way, theres really no point to a backingtrack i'd say, i could listen to the real song and enjoy it way more, same with hey joe, good playing but there just open chords man
I'm just gonna say it....you played it wrong
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I'm just gonna say it....you played it wrong

Well if I did, why don't you try and explain it so i can understand. Otherwise this is pointless to say without anything to back it up.
Oh yeah, Scar Tissue, I used to play this style till i got into metal....back in the day! lol

Anyway, I though this was very good. The playing is very good. And there are no mistakes at all (at least from my ear)

I must admit though, prefer John's orginial solos that he put in, only because they were quite memorable, and one solo sort of leads to the next (the same theme going on with them, adapting each time), however, the versions you did were still quite good. Besides, for most metal songs that I cover, I adapt the solo slightly usually, and most people do.

Technique was sound tho, and the tone was very good, if perhaps just a little too 'bright'
I think getting a really sweet clean sound is far more difficult than getting a good distorted sound tho, I'm constantly exprimenting with it.

The tone on your recording was very good tho, perhaps just reducing the treble a little may help?
it sounds too bluesy to me
but the playing and note hitting was beautiful,
no mistakes compared to the original,

overall great
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