ok so I read the recording FAQ and have a q.
whats the difference between an audio interface and a mixer?

can a mixer also be used as an audio interface?

Ive seen on zzounds.com mixers that connect directly to a computer. so so whats the benefit of using a mixer over an audio I. and vice versa
a mixer "mixes" multiple tracks into one. then you can send that signal to your computer.
an interface converts your analog signal to digital while also individually recording each mic and retaining it's own signal.

i mainly got that from the FAQ.
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yeah but does using a mixer act as an audio interface?

EDIT: you just answered my question brandondrury, thanks!

BTW really informative article
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yeah but does using a mixer act as an audio interface?

It depends on the mixer. The line of Alesis FireWire mixers act as audio interfaces streaming a number of separate channels to your computer. The same goes for the new M-Audio NRT mixer. But any old mixer won't do it.