ovation LX elite models
breedloves $1000
taylor 410ce

anything acoustic electric
i heard dual truss rods are an ace choice.
something that'll sound better overtime.
range $1000 - $1400

me, coming from a metal background don't know crap about acoustic guitars. haha

any input would be appreciated.

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You could try looking into Takamine guitars, I hear they are pretty good, and my friend has one that sounds amazing. I wouldn't know what model to tell you to look into though, sorry.
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The sticky "Which acoustic" thread is helpful as it gives details on some acoustic guitars, not sure if it would help or not, but you should check it out.
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You're trying to decide between an Ovation, a Breedlove, and a Taylor? You said you don't know crap about acoustics so...
Taylor FTW!!! Taylors are generally considered to be the high end of mass-produced guitars, kind of like PRS, acoustic style.

And Spiker^^ Ovation guitars do not sound real nice, unless they're pugged in, and even then the Taylor will still sound better, though most guitars are better than Fender acoustics.
i honestly wouldn't recommend spending that much money on your first acoustic. as you said, you don't really know much about acoustic guitars yet. i think the best thing for you to do would be to check out the best guitars under $300 thread and find something in there that you like. then play that guitar and get the hang of acoustic and learn about acoustic before you spend 1000-1400 dollars on one. after you own an acoustic and learn about them, you'll have a much better idea of how to invest that thousand dollars towards a nice guitar. it'd be terrible to put that kind of money into a guitar now and then a year or two down the road realize that there are other guitars out there that you would've liked better, that would've suited you better, and that might have even cost you less.

if you are dead set on spending that much money on your first acoustic... you have picked good brands to start. the american made ovations, breedlove, and taylor are all excellent instruments. people knock ovations and say they only sound good plugged in, but that really isn't true. if you go find a high-end american made ovation and play it, i can assure you that you won't come back saying it's a piece of junk. i myself am not crazy about ovations, but that's just because i like all wood guitars... it's not because ovations sound like crap, because they don't. i'd also recommend you look at martin, larivee, and alvarez in your price range. pretty much all breedloves are good values for the price tag. i would stay away from anything below the 300 series from taylor. stay away from anything with an X in the model name from Martin. pretty much all larivee guitars are good values for the price tag as well. for ovations, you want american made. alvarez seems to be the absolute best value for the price tag in any price range, imo. keeping those few things in mind, get down to a guitar store and play everything you can get your hands on. then make your decision. if you find some models you like but aren't sure about certain things, then come back and ask!