im really pissed of at the qualiyt of my strings, the sound strating fading after like 3 weeks, and they started becoming out of tune after 2.
I heard that pure nickle guitar strings are really good, how are they different and how do they sound.

and can anybody give me the names of some sets, that i can try

Well what strings are you using right now? How many times are you wrapping them around the post?
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well first things first. How long your strings last, varies on how much you sweat with you play and so on. I used to have to change my strings about once a week before they went dead. I dont have that problem anymore though. However Most brands do offfer pure nickle,i think. I know for a fact that ernie ball does. The thing about pure nickle in my opinion is tht they dont sound as bright
Pure Nickel strings are really more of a tone issue whereas it seems your problem is more of a reliability issue. You might want to try switching brands or checking how your guitar is set up (Sharp nut, jagged bridge saddles, etc). But if you want to try a pure nickel set, they give off a warmer more vintage tone. Some sets to try are Snake Oil from my sig, and if you can't order or don't want to wait, Dr Pure Blues sets are almost as good.
try using elixirs, they last twice as long and give a great tone
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