OK so my 8 year old sister has been begging me to teacher her guitar. So when I sat down with her, it was really hard for her to hold my dreadnought accoustic. The body is just too big for her. So am I correct in thinking she should buy a 3/4ths size guitar? Her fingers are a little too small for it, and its even hard for her to play an electric guitar too

I just need something decent for under $120, suggestions would be nice
haha im in the same situation. i got a 3/4 for my 5 year old sister and a bit big but should fit nicely for an 8 year old.
I would do a daisy rock of I had the money, however I cannot spend 300+ on something she may give up on 8 months down the road. You know how little kids are...
buy second hand. look for a daisy if you can find one second hand
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If you can find a used Baby Taylor, I'd go that route. In any case, try to find something that has a solid top - in these little guitars especially, it makes a difference.
As an ex-teacher, I must earnestly council against getting a "baby" or "3/4" sized guitar for a child. Please just get a normal sized instrument. If you don't, the player will have to unlearn a whole lot of deeply ingrained muscle memory as he or she switches over to a larger neck / longer scale. On the other hand, while many stretches and some chords may be outwith the scope of the child's fretting hand on a normal guitar, much music can still easily be made within the comfort zone of the hand's lesser stretch. In addition, the guitar will become easier to play as the child grows and the hand's compass increases - not suddenly get more difficult when presented with a larger fingerboard!!!

Get a small-bodied guitar, by all means (OO- or OOO-), but don't scale down the fingerboard.

The crucial thing is that the guitar sound good and that it's properly set up with as low and action as is practicable.

I hope this helps.