Well at the moment, I'm basically chuggung metal riffs out of my ass, improvising whole blues songs (minor pentatonics and all that business) doing country style chord licks improvising prog rock delay style solos and riffs. . .that sort of stuff not too complicated (mainly the blues and Prog rock)

Anyway, I was thinking I need to get mroe of a style, i basically have pentatonics and delay under my belt, also a load of other peoples songs but thats not my style

I thought (and have had a lot of thoughts before-hand) about incorperating Celtic type stuff into my music, I'm a fan of Thin Lizzy (who have many celtic style songs) and Rory Gallagher (Who has some celtic stuff in his work).

I have the stuff you see in my sig, I'll soon have an epi valve junior with a laney cab as an amp and I'm planning on getting a Boss FBM-1 an EH metal muff, an Ibanez tubescreamer and a boss DD-3 in case you wanted to know.

I play Blues, Metal, Hard Rock, Prog rock (like dream theater and pink floyd), Steve Vai type stuff and. . .thats about it.

Is there anything you can suggest to add to my style, or is there any celtic sounding scales or somethign to get me going to that?
haha prog rock can be VERY complicated.. listen to Yes, early Genesis, and Dixie Dregs
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