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My friend keeps his next to his half stack but its downstairs and his computer is upstairs.

I keep mine next to my 15 watt next to my computer so i can get tabs easier and such.

so where do you guys keep your guitar?
My bass is next to the computer in a gap near a wall, on a stand. The amplifier is in front of my chest of drawers.
I am lucky enough to have computer, guitar, and amp all in one room .

But I do store my guitar usually on it's stand next to the amp or in it's case under the bed.
The amp is in the living room and so is my acoustic, my main guitar is in my room
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My Acoustic is right next to me, leaning up against some shelves. and my electric is hanging on the wall behind me, low enough that I can grab it without getting up. My amp is to the left of my computer, so I dont have to get up to turn it on. And to the left of my computer is my Keyboard, so all I have to do is turn my swivel chair a bit to play it.

I'm surrounded.
In my room, which is really more of small recording studio. There's my computer that has an 8 track mixer next to it. Two keyboards, an acoustic guitar, two eletrics, my 80 watt marshall, a squire p-bass(my bro's) his tiny 15 watt amp, an RS-7000 drum machine(my friends) and my tiny ass little bed.

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Bedroom, but when I'm learning something behind the computer I plug my guitar out.

depends. most of the time its on the futon in my room but whens its in my coffin case i put it under my bed
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All my stuff is in my bedroom.
My crate is beside my computer desk, beside that is my night table.
My old traynor is on the night table, and my guitar stand is in front of the table.
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my guitar/amp are right next to my computer
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main 2 guitars in seperate bedroom with amp, computer, cd player etc, and 1 guitar in lounge with practice amp and headphones (both cordless),
keeps the wife sweet!
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On my wallhanger, in a gigbag, and my brother's guitar is leaning on said gigbag. Amps for both are between the television and closet.
My computer is downstairs in the living room, so I keep it right beside it. I take it to my bedroom if I want to compose something on my laptop.
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I have a music room, because I'm a badass like that
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I am lucky enough to have computer, guitar, and amp all in one room .

But I do store my guitar usually on it's stand next to the amp or in it's case under the bed.

Same, without the case under the bed bit.
My sisters in South America for six months, so me and my bro turned her room into a jam room where we keep our guitars, amps, music, etc.

It's pretty sweet.
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one is on a stand, and the other hanging from the wall.

my acoustic is usually in a soft case.
I got my computer, guitar, amp, and TV all in my bedroom

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Well my computer is in the basement where I keep my crummy electric (and amp), a twelve string and an old acoustic that needs a new nut. However, I carry my main acoustic (in it's case) around with me to varying locations in my house
I keep mine in my room and my acoustic is usally in my dad's room...
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Keep it safe in the case and then bung the case at the bottom of my bed.
well i kinda have a music room where most of my guitars go, but my acoustics are usually in my room
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I always have it with me when I'm at home, realy I have it the most of the time around my neck.
when I'm away it stands right next to my bed, lapot and amp.
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In a case behind my door, I keep my acoustic... I dont know where I keep my acoustic. Its either always here, or at my neighbors house.
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In my bedroom
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