Hello UG'ers, my first post of many hopefully.

I'm looking for a new guitar, my budget is anywhere up to £400 ($772), and I was mainly looking at:

Ibanez S520EX

Ibanez RGT42DX

Jackson RR3


Which of the above would you choose? Or if not any of those, anything else? I like to play metal, but also it would be nice to have a guitar that is versatile enough to play other styles and cleans satisfactorally. A good locking trem would be nice. I think based on the specs, the S520EX and RR3 are the best, but I'm not sure, and if so I'm not sure which one would be the best.

I haven't heard much about the Jackson Trem, but a lot of my friends say that the ZR is better.

I'm unsure as to whether I would like the S520EX's body as I heard they can be hard to get used to as they are thin? And also I heard the sustain isn't too good on them.

However, the Wizard II neck is a bonus.

That said, I think the pickups in the RR3 are better.

Your opinions?



(PS: Please don't suggest B.C Rich's - I really dislike them!)
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the rr3 or the esp id say. i prefer the jackson trem better than the ibanez's alot more but thats pretty much preference. the jackson dk2m is really good too. its basically an rr3 but a strat shaped body, with an all maple neck which plays great. thats a little cheaper than the rr3 too. but id say go to a store and try them out.
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Thanks for your time.

Yeah I like Dinky's too.

Not being rude or anything, but may I ask why you didn't say the Ibanez's were a good choice? I thought the S series one was the best of the lot but I might be wrong.

I like the LTD but I heard that Agathis wasn't the best of woods, and also that EMG-HZ pickups weren't very good. On top of that, the fact that it doesn't have a bridge which is something I would like, kind of put me off (although I really like explorers, but I think I'd need a higher end model to do much with it.).

Any other suggestions?
i've played the RR3, thick but confortable neck, good to play stand up (because of the V shape)
Get A schecter C-1 or any other metal schecter for that matter. They are awesome
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Dinkys are usually what I recommend. But, since you brought it up, I believe you may want to consider the RGT42. This is like a regular Ibanez RG, but with a set neck, which is just better. The Ibanez pickups are good sounding, but not the best.(Possible pickup change?.) But, I stand by dinky as well, especially the DKM2, maple fretboard and great duncans.
I have the S470, plays like a dream. It's basically a step down from the 520 but it's HSH instead of HH. The thin body doesn't take any getting used to, it feels great. And the sustain obviously isn't as good as a les paul but it's about average for a FR equipped guitar. And yes, the ZR is amazing, so easy to tune, good luck swapping tunings on any other the other bridges.
Thanks for all your suggestions, I will of course try each of the guitars that I am considering (and perhaps some that I am not) out at the shop before I buy. If there are any other suggestions I'd be more than happy to hear them, and also if there is anything good/bad I need to know about any of the mentioned guitars. I never really considered Schecter so thanks for bringing that up.
I`m not much of a guitarist, but maybe I can give some advice.....I think you`re stuck with best known guitars on the market. Why dont you try Yamaha guitars, some good things i heard about them and I personaly play on Pacifica112J. With your budget yuo could afford even something much better....just walk into the store and try it, you wont be disapointed!
Hello again all,
I'm still considering various guitars, but my main two at this point are the Jackson RR3 or the Ibanez S520. I'm still thinking about the others but those are my main two. I'm not sure if the (only) shop close to me stocks Schecter's or Yamaha's so I have to be a bit conservative about which ones I want (don't want to set my mind on a Yamaha and then realise I can't try before I buy!

So if anyone has any opinions regarding the RR3 or S520 it would be nice to hear them.
I'd go with the RR3. I've heard a lot of good stuff about them. And they just look cool
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