Just buy a good brand. Don't buy strings if they cost less than 5 dollars a pack, other than that it's just personal preference. I like GHS 10's.

If you're new to guitar you should probably start on 9's because they feel softer to play on.


Around here ernie ball's are very popular, they're also good. I recommend staying away from Gibson and Fender strings, they tend to not last very long, and cost a lot of money.
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I use D'adario 9's , pretty much stick with any of these companies and you can't go wrong
^ There better for acoustic guitar though.

Try either D'addario or Ernie Ball. Most new people use 9s and work up. As you get used to 9s, after say a month or two, try some 10s.
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D'addarios are the strings that i use for almost 2 years now.. they have good tones, and they last longer than those of Fenders. ( i dont know but to me fenders are not that good...) Dean Markley strings are also good...

or even

try using acoustic strings and put them on your electric guitar!! hahaha... (hmmm i wonder what will happen.....)
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I use D'Addario's. Dean MArkleys have to be boken in a lot or they will barely stay in tunew. D'Addarios in my opinion are broken in before packaged because they stay in tune right out of the box. They rarely snap too.
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