hey i want to change the stock pups in my tele but need some help.
i want to keep the tele twang but also have a good distorted brige sound for a grungy sound.
any1 suggest anything?
keep the stock pickups, and get a fender amp and a ds-1, grunge is all in the amp, ive seen grunge bands use single coil pickups get some sweet sweet tone. I played a tele copy for the longest time, but i swapped my pickups out for a Seymor Duncan little 59', it gave it more balls but kind of lost a bit of the tele twang..

but like i said, i fyou want to keep your guitar's current tone and feel, but want it grungier, invest in some pedals (depending on what amp youre using), or get a low gain amp and crank it.

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if you could find a soap bar/p-90 style pickup youd be set. it would hold the twang but give you the perfect grunge sound.
so i just looked. a rio grande dirty harry would be a nice choice. but remember like ark said, a lot of tone, especialy gruge tone, is in the amp. i play mostly alternative and grunge like; the pixies, pearl jam, alice in chains,husker du, green river, and i could never get a good tone until i got a new amp.